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Pithecophaga jefferyi high Philippine eagle (Also: Philippine eagle)

Geographical Diversity

Pithecophaga jefferyi are endemic on the Philippines which is found on parts of the greater countries out-of Luzon, Sa; Delacour and )

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Philippine eagles live-in remnant spots regarding priily out-of resinous woods one are located regarding the Old world tropics. Pithecophaga jefferyi including takes place in second growth and you will gallery forest. (“Philippine Eagle – Pithecophaga jefferyi – ARKive”, 2004; “Philippine Eagle Base”, 2004; Bueser, ainsi que al., 2003; Ibanez, et al., 2003)

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Bodily Malfunction

Pithecophaga jefferyi is the planet’s largest eagle varieties. Gents and ladies is equivalent to look at. He has got a light tummy and underwing, since upperparts was a refreshing brown, which have pale edged feathers. This new a lot of time feathers of your own lead and nape mode exclusive crest and are generally ebony-brown and you can cream to the margins. Girls have white down, and you can juveniles is actually comparable to look at to adults but have light margins to the feathers on the back and you will upperwing. The fresh new heavier foot try reddish which have high, strong claws, additionally the large, high-arched, deep expenses is actually a blue-grey. Philippine eagles shall be known out-of light-breasted sea eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster)in flight of the the enough time tails and you can rounded wings. (“Philippine Eagle – Pithecophaga jefferyi – ARKive”, 2004; “Philippine Eagle Basis”, 2004; “Variety Information – Philippine Eagle. Red-colored Guide Analysis – Endangered Birds out of China”, 2003; Delacour and you may Mayr, 1946)

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