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Through the Baroness we can begin to rediscover what is

In night lonely peers-: moon-riding!

” Not daring “to fart nor shit,” this bourgeois prig keeps his door locked, to her “silent glee” for she recognizes this as “a feint-he kept it locked [out of fear of sex] . . . -not for fartscare-or contempt.”104 From God to her detachable penis sculpture to the description of her lover ?eeing with “abject loathing” from the stink of her farts (and her sex), the Baroness with tactical brilliance exposes again and again the limitations of bourgeois as well as avant-garde-modern industrial-age as well as modernist aesthetic-value systems. As Morgan’s two installations suggest, both industrialism and aesthetics are circumscribed by the desire to eradicate or at least contain the stench of being human, as well as the speci ?c smell of the other (whether it be an African sculpture or the female body).

well-it seemed to be as wellborn as I had supposed it to be-soundless- but that was its sly treachery . . . on which I had not counted. Slowly but irrepressibly it began to spread its onion scented wings through my dress up to my nostrils! . . . I put it up to fate-I hoped it would escape notice- it wasn’t penetrating nor in any way blatantly vulgar-but-it was de?nitely present. . . . With a touch of mischievousness I watched the expression of his fastidious features to see the knowledge born. . . . But it really grew more voluminous than I had anticipated. . . . I wanted to escape-I was walled in by this atmosphere that had [made] . . . me prisoner of my own vitals-when-in speechless questioning gaze he turned to me-as to an adder. . . .

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