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On the ages of half a dozen, Munisa began to play

Which music celebrity was illuminated has just, however, has already were able to manage along with its voice not simply the country, in addition to all of European countries. And the lady became greatest outside of Uzbekistan because of the performance of your fiery tune “Nuts Dances” by the Ukrainian artist Ruslana.

Munisa Rizaeva

In the beginning it was relatives holidays and festivals, and only with time Munisa realized that she planned to sing on stage. Although singer lived in England for quite some time and you may studied at college or university, thus she had to delay this lady singing industry.

She finished from Westminster University during the London area which have a diploma during the providers administration. Now the latest lovely artist ‘s the holder and you may movie director of your own stylish “Vintage Palace” resorts inside Tashkent.

And only for the go back to Uzbekistan, Munisa began to try herself just like the a singer. I had to be hired hard, however the effects is actually worth every penny, once the now Munisa Rizaeva is one of the most promising singers for the Uzbekistan.

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