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Capitulation to moving: Ripped anywhere between relief and you will guilt

What seemed vital and supporting in this regard is actually if or not the household caregiver thought approved and preferred because of the person that have dementia, almost every other friends, benefits, and/and/or wider social ecosystem). Pursuing the out of this, our very own studies means that strength relating to coping with dementia really should not be felt a simply private mental capability to adapt to the fresh points, neither a set of behaviors, but should be seen alternatively as a social-environment business.


I give thanks to the whole Tao from Worry-group for thought and dealing along with you. Basic, we give thanks to Eye van der Reijden, Nadya Viegas, Carolien van Leussen and you can Marije de- Groot to possess conducting the individual interview. Furthermore, we’re pleased so you’re able to Laura Vermeulen and Eye van der Reijden for co-conducting the focus group conversations. Lastly, we need to thank Robert Pond which provided the team regarding scientists which have a common interest getting conducting new interviews.

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